Introducing Pawport, The Most Pawesome Pet Door Ever.

A smart, motorized pet door that slides onto existing pet door frames in seconds.
Works with existing home apps
Amazon Alexa Amazon Alexa
Google Assistant Google Assistant

Slides onto existing pet doors.

Fits all major door brands & locks on with a single screw.

Pawport features a patented design that slides onto existing pet doors using the groove on the existing pet door frame. A simple screw locks Pawport into place, and cannot be removed from outside.

Within seconds, your old-fashioned pet door is literally transformed into a wifi connected, smart, functional, and beautiful addition to your home, and it's much more secure than before!

Lets the paw things out.

Pawport opens & closes on demand by detecting your pet's presence and reacts instantly.
Easy Clasp
Easy Clasp
Entry / Exit
Entry / Exit
Adjust Range
Adjust Range

Pawport comes with a small, waterproof, rechargeable bluetooth collar tag that your pet will never notice. When your pet is close to the door, it opens slowly and safely. When your pet moves away, it closes cautiously. Adjust the sensitivity level in the Pawport app for precise control to limit false opens.


Freedom is beautiful.

Pawport is designed to enhance your home and lifestyle.

Pawport is constructed out of solid steel and aluminum, using only high quality parts for a durable, reliable, and beautiful product that will last for many years. Choose from a wide array of elegant finishes to enhance your home.

  • Espresso


  • Napa Oak

    Napa Oak

  • Brushed Nickel

    Brushed Nickel

  • Brushed Nickel


  • Noche


  • Glacier


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Stay connected with the free Pawport app.

Lock, unlock, set curfews, and control access from your phone.
  • Enable Multiple Pets
    Enable Multiple Pets
  • Set Curfew Times
    Set Curfew Times
  • Track Entry/Exit Usage
    Track Entry/Exit Usage
  • Control Multiple Doors
    Control Multiple Doors
  • Lock/Unlock Remotely
    Lock/Unlock Remotely
  • Control Door/Open Close Speed
    Control Door/Open Close Speed

Pawport comes with a free app that let's you manage all aspects of your door remotely from your smartphone. Don't want your pet going out at night? Simply add a schedule in the app. You can keep your pet inside when you want, and even outside when you want.

You can even set a different schedule for different pets, so one can come and go while the other stays where you want. Track each pet's usage in the app to see when they've been in and out during the day (yes, Pawport knows whether they are coming or going!).

Mobile Coming Soon Icon
  • My Devices Screen
  • Schedules Screen
  • Screen

Set the mood.

Control on-board color LED lights with the Pawport App.

Control the LED light bar via the Pawport app to create the perfect vibe day or night.


Easy on-board controls.

Phone not around? Guests can use it too using the simple controls at the top of the door.
On-board Controls

No more unwanted guests.

Pawport's secure seal and lock keeps your home safe from pests and curious intruders.

Unlike other pet doors, Pawport closes firmly to form a direct weatherproof seal between your home and the outdoors. Not only will this save on your heating/cooling bill, but it will greatly eliminate an easy access point for bugs or other critters. And since Pawport is constructed of solid steel and aluminum, your pet door will no longer be a weak spot in your home's security.

Outdoor Seal The Ultimate Seal from the Outdoors
Weather Seal Integrated Weather Sealing Strip
Secure Lock Secure Locking System

Beauty is in the details.

Pawport easily adapts to your home & lifestyle.
Power Charging

Charge Every Few Weeks

Pawport comes with an included charging cable. With two charge ports (on on each side), it's easy to reach an outlet and charge overnight. One charge yields about a month of use under normal conditions.

Built Strong

Built & Manufactured to Last

Pawport is built with a solid steel frame, high-impact aluminum doors, and premium internal components for many years of reliable use.

Great Design

Flexible in any room.

Control the opening range of the doors via the Pawport app for those places where space is an issue. Near a wall? No problem. Simply set the doors to open to only 90 degrees. You can also set the range of the collar tag to only open when your pet is very close to Pawport.

Three functional sizes.

No matter your pet size, Pawport has you covered.
Pawport slides right onto your existing pet door from leading manufacturers, including PetSafe, Ideal Pet, Hale, and many others. Our three sizes will match nearly every pet door installed in homes today. Not sure if your existing door will work? Email us and we'll quickly let you know, or you can switch to our full system door (below) and upgrade your existing pet door to a new level of security and function.
Small Size


8.5" x 12.5"
Medium Size


11" x 16"
Large Size


11" x 19"

The only slide-on pet door.

Pawport is protected by a newly issued US patent as the only pet door that can transform existing doors by sliding right on!

The complete system.

For people without an existing pet door.

Don't have a pet door yet? No Problem. For people without an existing pet door, Pawport offers a complete system. Combined with the Pawport electronic door, this is the most weatherproof, secure pet door available.


Frame Features

  • Steel reinforced aluminum frame construction (many competitors use hard plastic)
  • Both the inside and the outside frame have a security panel groove
  • Removable rain/sun shade on the outside frame
  • Pawport motorized door slides and locks onto frame in seconds

Integrated Ramp

  • Adjustable length two-piece ramp that slides into the security panel groove on the outside of the door
  • Aluminum construction with a non-skid powder coat finish
  • Stretches to approx. 3 feet to accommodate easy access

Tunnel Features

  • The 4 piece tunnel design is easier to cut to your wall thickness resulting in easier installation
  • The tunnel includes low profile outdoor carpet
  • Aluminum moisture barrier flashing prevents water from entering the wall

See what others are barking about.

Experiences from our happy product testers.

I'll admit it - I like chasing squirrels. With Pawport, the days of watching them run around my yard, while I whimper helplessly from inside, are over!

Name Withheld
Name Withheld

I know I don't look it, but I'm like 75 years old. My bladder ain't what it used to be. Pawport lets me go when I need to, not just when my family thinks it's convenient.


Lying around on carpet all day? Not for me. Pawport lets me get outside and spend more quality time with nature. The sights, the sounds, and ahh... the smells. Pawport is life.


Built by pet lovers, for pet lovers.

Who we are and why we made Pawport.
Who we are

Pawport was designed and developed in Phoenix, AZ by a talented and dedicated team who loves their pets and wants them to enjoy every precious day they have with us.

Some of us are highly experienced with manufacturing products in the pet space, having brought other successful products to market in the past which are in major pet store chains around the country. Others on our team have extensive experience in design and technology, bringing numerous products and applications to market for companies around the world.

Over two years in the making.

We joined forces with a common passion and singular goal - to design and manufacture the most reliable, stylish, and functional smart pet door in the world. We've spent two years testing, fabricating, designing, and perfecting all of the components in Pawport to deliver a reliable, high-quality product we would be proud to own.

We spared no expense and cut no corners, insisting on nothing but the highest quality components, materials, and engineering. Pawport is made of solid steel and aluminum, with thick, substantial doors and locks, and a solid steel frame that is thicker and stronger than other pet doors. It is designed to last for many years and become a fixture in your home.

Pawport Components
Happy family

Pawport is in production.

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